Architecture City Guide: Atlanta

This week the Architecture City Guide series heads south to warm up a bit, featuring Atlanta. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, what are your can’t miss Atlanta buildings? Add them to the comment section below.

Follow the break for our Atlanta list and a corresponding map!

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Cite: Minner, Kelly. "Architecture City Guide: Atlanta" 05 Jan 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
  • thomas brown

    Not a very impressive list. There is no work from Scogin/Elam (who in my opinion are the best native Atlanta architects), the Mad Housers (internationally recognized social justice architects), or the residential sector. Also missing is the new Perkins+Will office. You have to look harder for good design in Atlanta, but it is there.

    • Kelly Minner

      thomas, thanks for the buildings/architects you referenced. surely a city can not be limited to 12 buildings so that is why we encourage our readers to comment adding other works they like from the city-expanding the list.

  • mike

    Not impressive list at all.

    Need an addendum to this article in order to add:

    MSME (Mack Scoggin Merrill Elam)
    plexus r+d (plexus on ponce)
    Surber Barber choate Heirtlin

    …just off the top of my head. A little more in depth research next time please!

  • Richard Funderburke

    Ivy Hall by G. L. Norrman, Bradford Gilbert’s English-American Building, and the W. W. Orr building [Pringle and Smith]. The Atlanta-Fulton County Library is an example of the city’s worst architecture and the Carlos Museum and Cannon Chapel do not deserve to be on such a “rarefied” list.

    • Wayne

      I agree about the older buildings you add. However, The Atlanta Library, Carlos Museum, and Cannon Chapel are very relevant works by three of the world’s greatest architects.

  • D

    If you go to see the Hyatt downtown, you’d be shortchanging yourself you don’t go across the street to see how Portman’s hand evolved in 2 decades by checking out the Marriott Marquis. There’s a handy skybridge between the two, and it’s only a moment’s walk.

  • Glenn

    It’s interesting that those who declared the list “not very impressive” have responded with lists of architectural firms, rather than lists of buildings. Atlanta is home to a number of great architects, but, sadly, not a lot of great “must-see” buildings. Scogin/Elam has designed many impressive buildings around the world, but what Atlanta examples would you point to? Their Buckhead library might be one ( ). It’s in the local news from time to time because of repeated efforts to demolish it.

  • massatz

    I like the idea, would be nice to see some European cities in this guide too.

  • Annie

    I liked the old Perkins + Will office- with the modernist addition on the back.

    State Archives and Records Building – maybe an odd choice, but one of my favorite Atlanta buildings. don’t know the architect

    also the MidCity lofts by Brock Green is not bad for more contemporary Atlanta architecture. The more recent condo projects in the city are all pretty terrible.