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Mies’ Existential Need for Simplification vs. BricsCAD BIM

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Mies’ Existential Need for Simplification vs. BricsCAD BIM, Barcelona_Pavillon_2016_Bildarchiv_Georg_Kolbe_Museum_Foto_Enric_Duch

"There is an existential need for simplification." - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The Father of “Less is More”

Mies espoused the concept of “less is more” long before the days of Building Information Modeling. As a director of the Bauhaus School, he sought to establish an architectural style that could serve as the Modern alternative to Classic or Gothic styles. His design focus was on clarity and simplicity.

Building Information Modeling is More than Software

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Courtesy of Bricsys
Courtesy of Bricsys

It is 2018, and it should be clear to everyone in the AEC industry that BIM is the future of building, infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance. There are millions of marketing dollars spent by BIM software companies each year trying to convince you that Building Information Modeling can’t happen without their product. They will try to convince you that their product is the “real BIM.” Of course, we live in an open, capitalist society where this behavior is expected. However, if you and your firm are making the move to BIM, this background noise may be concerning... and if it’s not, it should be.