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Call for submissions: ROOM // Issue 01 - Bathroom

17:30 - 13 October, 2017
Call for submissions: ROOM // Issue 01 - Bathroom, ROOM // Call for submissions
ROOM // Call for submissions

Room is an independent student publication out of the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. Each issue of the annual digest explores a different distinguishable room and challenges its boundaries and demarcations, both material and immaterial.

UBC Researchers Develop New Concrete That Resists Earthquakes

14:00 - 10 October, 2017

Researchers from the university of British Columbia have developed a new fiber-reinforced concrete treatment that can “dramatically [enhance] the earthquake resistance of seismically vulnerable [structures].”

Called EDCC (eco-friendly ductile cementitious composite), the material is engineered at the molecular level to react similarly to steel – with high strength, ductility and malleability. When sprayed onto the surface of traditionally poured interior concrete walls, it reinforces against seismic intensities as high as the magnitude 9.0-9.1 earthquake that hit Tohoku, Japan in 2011.