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These Alabama Architecture Students are Designing and Building Low-Cost Homes for Rural America

06:00 - 18 July, 2018
© Timothy Hursley
© Timothy Hursley

Rural Studio, a student-centered design/build program at Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction, has announced a collaboration with the mortgage loan company Fannie Mae to support the school’s 20K Initiative. This initiative continues to contribute to the development of "beautiful, healthy and resilient houses that afford financially vulnerable homeowners the ability to live in dignity, security and well within their means."

As a means to address the shortage of affordable housing in the U.S., the research produced from this collaboration with Fannie Mae is being shared with educational institutions industry groups. Auburn University is also providing funding for the initiative through a grant to "further strengthen the collaboration with Fannie Mae, as well as support the development of additional stakeholder collaborations."

© Timothy Hursley © Timothy Hursley © Timothy Hursley Courtesy of Auburn University Rural Studio + 7

Harvard GSD Student Envisions Autonomous Building that Rearranges Spaces Throughout the Day

09:30 - 26 May, 2018

As self-driven cars are being introduced to our city streets and tech companies have expanded their influence far beyond the boundaries of our computer and smartphone displays, a new generation of architects are charged with imagining how to employ the technology of tomorrow in ways that will advance and improve the world’s built environments. With autonomous transportation, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence promising unprecedented tools for revolutionizing human infrastructure in a future that no longer feels particularly distant, present-day data gathering and analysis capabilities have already transformed our ability to understand trends on an unforeseen scale.

Taking full advantage of modern data science capabilities and semi-automated robotic technology currently deployed in factory settings around the world, Masters candidate Stanislas Chaillou from the Harvard GSD imagines how today’s new tech could help realize the longtime architectural ambition of creating flexible buildings capable of adapting to variable uses.

Courtyard Renovation at the White Pagoda Temple / Tsinghua University School of Architecture + maison h

17:00 - 5 March, 2018
© Martijn de Geus
© Martijn de Geus

© Martijn de Geus © Martijn de Geus © Martijn de Geus © Martijn de Geus + 42

Flora Pavilion / Design School of Nanjing University of the Arts

19:00 - 25 September, 2017
Flora Pavilion / Design School of Nanjing University of the Arts, Shared Color Space. Image © Yusi Chen
Shared Color Space. Image © Yusi Chen

Day View. Image © Yusi Chen Shared Color Space. Image © Yusi Chen Night View. Image © Yusi Chen Night View. Image © Yusi Chen + 19

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    Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, Jiangsu China
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    Jiong Xu
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    Yunliang Lu, Yusi Chen, Zhenzhu Yu, Junyang Wu, Jiawei Huang, Qianru Bi, Yin Peng, Yan Hou Lou, Yutang Sang, Yangchen Zhao
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