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Sliding Doors: The Latest Architecture and News

Open Corner Sliding Glass Doors: Towards a Light & Wide Architecture

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RoadRunner Residence / North Arrow Studio. Image © Chase DanielMill Valley Guesthouse / Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects. Image © David WakelyThe Cresta / Jonathan Segal FAIA. Image © Matthew SegalAustin home / A Parallel Architecture. Image Courtesy of Western Window Systems+ 27

Malibu Crest, a 2019 remodeling of a 1949 International Style home, was a vital undertaking by the architecture firm Studio Bracket that aimed to expand the structure’s square footage and panoramic views of Malibu while retaining over 50% of the home’s original walls. The project was ultimately successful, not only in its refurbishment of the interior rooms and reconfiguration of the space, but in its enlargement of the windows to truly capture views of the surrounding lagoon and mountains. This expansion of the view was done in part through an open corner window scheme and floor-to-ceiling glass, manufactured by Western Window Systems. The uninterrupted glass walls afforded by this open corner technology is one of the most effective ways that architects can open an interior space to the stunning vistas of a natural environment. Yet an even more striking configuration increasingly being employed by residential architects is that of the open corner sliding glass door – a system that can even more completely open an interior space to the unobstructed outdoors. Below, we discuss this technology in more detail, alongside several examples of projects using the open corner glass door.

5 Incredible Indoor-Outdoor Spaces for Fall

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It’s no secret that in many parts of the country, indoor-outdoor living actually gets better when summer turns to fall. The bugs buzz off, the humidity lifts, and the cooler nights beg for the warmth of a fire. Here are five of our favorite indoor-outdoor living spaces for the fall of 2018.

Western Window Systems5 Incredible Indoor-Outdoor Spaces for Fall5 Incredible Indoor-Outdoor Spaces for Fall5 Incredible Indoor-Outdoor Spaces for Fall+ 7

Invisible Doors: How to Stylishly Hide the Doors In Your Projects

Sometimes a door can be a huge headache in a project. Think of a continuous, clean facade... having a door in the middle of it can ruin the clarity of the design. But a door need not be the traditional wood-paneled, brass-knobbed portal most of us are used to, much less an eyesore. 

But what if they could disappear from sight entirely? We’ve all dreamed of hidden passages and secret rooms tucked away in our homes. But for these to work, the entry must be disguised or hidden itself. 

Linvisibile Alba Infinito Hinged Door. Image Courtesy of LinvisibileLinvisibile Alba Hinged door . Image Courtesy of LinvisibileLinvisibile Brezza Vertical Pivot Door. Image Courtesy of LinvisibileBrezza Bilico Verticale Metal. Image Courtesy of Linvisibile+ 19