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School Of Architecture For The Chinese University Of Hong Kong: The Latest Architecture and News

10 Young Chinese Architecture Firms To Watch Out For

2016 has been a momentous year for Chinese architecture. From the completion of the Harbin Opera house by MAD to the Aga Khan Awards recognizing Zhang Ke of Standard Architecture for his micro-scale design of the Hutong Children’s Library and Art Centre in Beijing. It seems the general perception of Chinese architecture has finally moved beyond the big, weird and ugly.

Since we’ve started to branch out into China, the ArchDaily China team has been able to discover the rich layers beyond just these rising Chinese stars. As part of the country's large-scale urbanization process, last year, we posted some of the large-scale projects designed by China’s (largely unknown) Design & Research institutions such as train stations and cultural centers.

In addition, we’ve also come across a series of smaller, lesser known, younger practices that focuses more on small-scale experimental work. Here are our top ten favorites: 

Tiantai No.2 Primary School . Image © Yu Xu Youth Hotel of iD Town. Image © Chaos.Z Tea House in Hutong. Image © Wang Ning Chi She. Image © Su Shengliang + 25

School of Architecture for the Chinese University of Hong Kong / Ida and Billy

Architecture students attending the Chinese University of Hong Kong will enjoy the spatial variety and openness of Ida and Billy’s New School of Architecture situated on the edge of the campus. The form, a diagonal shape which is pierced to preserve views of the sky, has large openings to capture the campus’ topology and views of Tolo Harbor, “giving an infinite boundary to architectural thinking and design.”

More images and more about the school after the break.