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The 50 Most Popular Architecture Photographs of 2017

At ArchDaily, we're lucky enough to know a fantastic network of architecture professionals, allowing us to share the world's best architecture with our audience. But our articles wouldn't be the same without the many photographers who dedicate themselves to making incredible, inspiring images. For that reason, here we present the 50 most popular architecture images of 2017.

This Was Tomorrow: Reinventing Architecture 1953–1978

This Was Tomorrow is an exhibition about architectural imagination and the power, processes and poetics of creation and invention. It presents a series of twelve episodes—beginning in the 1950s—that look at the ferment of new ideas as architects began to re-conceive space in response to the conditions of a newly affluent society and the emergence of the electronic age.

Each of these investigations—from Le Corbusier’s late new harmony of form, to Aldo Rossi’s evocations of the force of history—looks into the basic elements, open futures and varied possibilities of architectural thinking, proposing fundamental new ideas and examining the potential of the built environment to reform the relations of humans to each other and to their environments.