2016 Rio Olympic Sites, Six Months Later: Abandoned, Looted and Neglected

A mere six months after the torch was snuffed, the Brazilian Olympic sites that once hosted scores of locals, tourists, and athletes in a global celebration of athleticism and camaraderie now lie in ruin. This "ghost town" cost Brazil around $4.6 billion plus an estimated $1.6 billion in budget overages, according to reports by the Financial Times and Quartz.

GTM Cenografia Uses Shipping Containers in Rio Olympic Pop-up Store for Nike

At the Rio 2016 Olympics, Studio GTM Cenografia developed a temporary installation for Nike. The space, inspired by containers and industrial sheds, occupies a total area of 600 square meters and was built in a metallic structure and wrapped in galvanized trapezoidal tiles. The cube used in the project is an installation from Brazilian artist and designer Muti Randolph, one of the pioneers of digital illustration in Brazil.

Samsung Galaxy Studio at Olympic Park / UNStudio

Following an international competition to design the main Samsung showcase at the Olympic Park Pavilion, UNStudio was engaged to develop a design that builds on the brand’s history with the Olympic Games. 

2016 Olympics: Two Legacies for Rio

Just over a week ago in beautiful Rio de Janeiro the Olympic Games, the world's largest sporting event, came to an end. The Games, as well as the FIFA World Cup, have been a driving force for the city over the last six and a half years. In the wake of the frenzy caused by the much-anticipated event, Rio will have the Paralympics, which will take place between the 7th and 18th of September. But then what?

Rio 2016 Olympics: The Dancing Pavilion / Estúdio Guto Requena

The Dancing Pavilion is Interactive Architecture created for the Olympic Park 2016.

Coca-Cola Pavilion / Atelier Marko Brajovic

Invited by Coca-Cola, Atelier Marko Brajovic designed a surprising and immersive installation where the public is introduced in an iconic and unique multi-sensorial experience. Parada Coca-Cola interior design is a strong and photogenic phenomenological gesture that represents the freshness sensation. An augmented physical real time hub that extends in a digital space through interactive technologies, sharing moments and music concerts.

"Rio: Beyond the Map" Uses 360 Degree Videos to Tell a Different Reality of the Favelas in Rio

Google recently launched a new platform "Rio: Beyond the Map," showing Rio's favelas using 360º videos. The tool also includes panoramas more than three thousand images and historical exhibitions of Rio de Janeiro. The project integrates Google Arts & Culture, which brings art collections from around the world.

Henning Larsen's Danish Pavilion Opens at Rio 2016

The Henning Larsen Architects-designed Danish Pavilion has opened to the public on Ipanema Beach to celebrate Denmark's participation in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The pavilion is the only national pavilion at the games, and contains displays featuring Danish companies and products. The design takes inspiration from the nation's seafaring and yachting traditions, while programmable LED lights allow the pavilion to resemble a number of different flags from bird's eye view.

Rio 2016 Olympic Handball Arena / Lopes Santos e Ferreira Gomes Arquitetos + OA | Oficina de Arquitetos

This architectural project, developed for the venue that will host handball games in the 2016 Olympics and Goalball games in the 2016 Paralympics both to be held in Rio de Janeiro, has the target to search for suitable solutions in diversified interfaces in the complex system composed of sports equipment for the games and its legacy. Unlike other arenas located in the Olympic Park, this Olympic arena right after the games will become four public city schools. Therefore, the team has developed such a building that could prioritize in its construction concepts like flexibility, mutability and adaptability.

Olympic Field Hockey Center / Vigliecca & Associados

The Olympic Field Hockey Centre consists of two arenas, a warm-up field and a building with changing rooms, a medical center and an administrative office. This building is connected to both arenas through a marquee that also links them to each other.

All The Architecture To See in Rio de Janeiro During the 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro is a city of sights and sounds. As diverse as its people is the collection of impressive architecture found in Brazil’s second most populous city—from Eurocentric historical architecture to 20th century regionalist modern marvels, not to mention the city’s growing crop of contemporary cultural venues. The combination of mountainous terrain, lush rainforest, and the ocean inspires many to create lively and unique architecture.

JR Creates Multiple Art Installations Throughout Rio de Janeiro

JR is an anonymous artist who owns the biggest art gallery in the world. His exhibits are available on the streets, free of charge catching the attention of people who are not typical museum visitors. His work is thought provoking and mixes art and act.

JR is known worldwide for projects such as Portrait of a Generation (2006), Women Are Heroes (2008), and Face 2 Face (2007). The latter is a piece which through portraits of people made with a wide angle lens, printed in large scale and pasted on city walls was able to generate a reaction from the public.

Deodoro Olympic Park Rio 2016 / Vigliecca & Associados

The Deodoro Olympic Park has an area of ​​2 million square meters, being the largest of the Olympic areas with the second largest capacity, as it hosts 11 Olympic and four Paralympic sports modalities in the RIO 2016 Olympics. The Olympic sports are Canoe Slalom, Cycling (BMX and Mountain Bike), Field Hockey, Shooting Sport, Modern Pentathlon, Basketball (women’s only), Rugby and Equestrian (Jumping, Dressage and Eventing). The Paralympic competitions include Wheelchair Fencing, Shooting, 7-a-side Football and Equestrian Dressage.

Adaptation of Olympic Shooting Center Rio 2016 / Vigliecca & Associados

The National Shooting Centre was built for the Pan American Games in 2007. This is an award-winning project done by the architecture office BCMF Arquitetos that has been carefully renovated by Vigliecca & Associates to meet Olympic standards without changing the identity of the original structure.

Olympic Radical Park Rio 2016 / Vigliecca & Associados

Olympic Canoe Slalom Stadium

Olympic Golf Clubhouse / RUA Arquitetos

The veranda as a guideline

Olympic Youth Arena / Vigliecca & Associados

Along with the Radical Park, the Youth Arena will be one of the greatest 2016 RIO Legacies. Both integrate Deodoro Olympic Park, a project by the Brazilian architecture office Vigliecca & Associados. During the games, it will stage the Women’s Basketball competitions, Modern Pentathlon Fencing and Wheelchair Fencing. Once a legacy, it will be used as an education and training center for athletes.

Arena da Amazônia / gmp Architects

This stadium design was based on the idea of creating a simple but highly efficient stadium which also makes reference to the special location, to the fascination and natural diversity of forms in the tropical rainforest. Designed for 44,400 spectators, the stadium is located at the central traffic axis that links the airport with the inner city. The new building was integrated into a sports park with Sambadrome, field and track facilities, multi-purpose halls and an aquatic center. The project was developed in cooperation with the gmp partner practice STADIA from São Paulo and the structural engineers schlaich bergermann und partner.