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Recession: The Latest Architecture and News

Thriving Through Challenging Times

With the current economic volatility and a looming recession, this conference brings together the brightest business minds in our profession to provide you with insights, guidance and tactics to not only survive the next few months, but thrive.  AIA Houston invites you to participate in an exciting two days of virtual learning. The conference will educate and inform architects on tools and strategies to navigate the current global crisis and anticipate the new normal beyond.

10 Years Post-Recession, a Resilient Generation Makes Practice Work for Them

This article was originally published on CommonEdge as "The Kids are Alright."

Economics and technology affect every profession. But since World War II perhaps no profession has experienced more technological change than architecture. These shifts occurred, paradoxically, within a well-established professional model of personal development: The guild structure of learning in the academy, then becoming professional via internship leading to licensure, has been the structure of practice for almost two centuries.

Once upon a time manual drafting with graphite or ink was applied by white males, and a single sheet master was reproduced with typed specifications added, and buildings were constructed.

That world no longer exists.  

The Recessionary Interviews: Spain's Josep Ferrando

Josep Ferrando being interviewed at the ArchDaily office.
Josep Ferrando being interviewed at the ArchDaily office.

“Spain used to be a sexy, fit and energetic country. Envy, inferiority complexes, greed, arrogance and pride soaked it in fat. It is currently suffering from moral obesity.” That was Architect Manuel Ocaña’s incendiary take on the current state of his home country, one of the hardest hit by the Recession due to its extraordinary pre-Crisis construction boom (a.k.a “the mother of all housing bubbles”).

For this week’s edition of our Recessionary Interviews series – in which we talk to Architects across the globe surviving the Recession - we decided to get one final perspective from the Iberian Peninsula. We chatted with Spain’s Josep Ferrando, of Josep Ferrando Bramona Architecture, who told us how the economic bust has shifted focus from public works towards an architecture of “re”: rehabilitating, re-structuring, re-inhabiting.

Get Ferrando’s take on the state of Architecture in Spain today, after the break…