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Photos Of The Week: The Latest Architecture and News

Stunning Images of Stone Architecture: The Best Photos of the Week

Stone construction is a simple technique that has been used since the earliest human civilizations. These days, stone is regaining popularity in contemporary architecture thanks to the diversity of results that can be achieved by the union of stone pieces. Whether it's the size, the type of cut, or the color of the material, the truth is that the use of stone can add incredible textures to architectural designs. Read on for a selection of 13 photos that allow us to marvel at stone's beauty and expressiveness, created by renowned photographers such as Erieta Attali, Kyungsub Shin and Dimitris Kleanthis.

© Kyungsub Shin© Robert Leš© Simon Devitt© Kyungsub Shin+ 14

20 Incredible Images of Architecture and Animals: The Best Photos of the Week

For the animal lovers among our audience, this week we have put together a special roundup of images of architecture alongside some marvelous critters. While not exactly a mainstay of architectural photography, proponents of the form like BoysPlayNice, Jesus Granada and Rafael Gamo have dared to include animal inhabitants in their architectural compositions. Read on to see a selection of 20 creative images where you will find horses, sheep, cows, goats, dogs, cats, and even elephants.

© Gartnerfuglen & Mariana de Delás© Matharoo Associates© Jesús Granada© Olo Studio+ 19

Striking Images of Exposed Steel: The Best Photos of the Week

High strength, ease of transport, and simplicity of assembly are among the many major advantages of steel. But while utilitarian steel structures tend to be hidden by architects, working with exposed steel can lead to attractive results. Steel not only brings lightness to a design, but can also offer different expressions of color and texture, depending on the treatment of the material. Below we present a selection of 14 photos of steel architecture from well-known photographers such as Adrien Williams, Imagen Subliminal, and Sergio Pirrone.

© Pete Eckert© Sergio Pirrone© Agustín Garza© Paul Crosby+ 16

The Beauty of Minimalism: The Best Photos of the Week

Without a doubt, it is interesting to enjoy architecture from a new perspective. Minimalist photography, characterized by clean compositions where geometry and abstraction take center stage, is one of the most popular trends when it comes to documenting architecture. In celebration of this distinctive photographic style, we have selected 14 minimalist images by prominent photographers such as Joel Filipe, Sebastian Weiss, and Nelson Garrido.

© Joel Filipe© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG© Sebastian Weiss© Maíra Acayaba+ 14

The Best Photos of the Week: The Beauty of Concrete

Due to its ability to be shaped into complex forms and the diversity of textures that it can offer, concrete is one of the favorite materials of many architects, who appreciate its capacity to help them realize their designs. For this reason, for this week's Photos of the Week we have selected 20 images that highlight the beauty and expressiveness of this material. Read on to see a selection of renowned photographers such as Brigida González, Bruno Candiotto, Élena Marini Silvestri, and Raphael Olivier.

© Laurian Ghinitoiu© Élena Marini Silvestri© Ivan Brodey© Fernando Stankuns+ 21

The Best Photos of the Week: Architecture in the Most Incredible Places in the World

Architecture is always a reflection on how to interact with and relate to nature. Some architects show a preference for distinctive shapes and materials that contrast with the landscape, while others prefer to mimic the surroundings with organic works. But regardless of the techniques employed, architecture has reached the most remote and incredible places on the planet. Below is a selection of 16 images which show the combination of architecture and landscape by prominent photographers such as Su Shengliang, Sergio Pirrone and Valentin Jeck.

© Piyatat Hemmatat© Jeff Goldberg/Esto© Dylan Perrenoud© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG+ 18

Materials That Make Construction Details Protagonists: Photos of the Week

We love construction details! That's why this week's photos highlight the art of the synthesis of materials and the varied photographic products we can obtain by looking closer. Photographers like Joel Filipe, Marie-Françoise Plissart and Adria Goula, give us precise and beautiful exposure to wooden joints, steel structures, concrete details, curtain walls and more.

© Ivan Morison© Noel Arraiz© SWANG© Joel Filipe+ 14

10 Incredible Exposed Structures: Photos of the Week

Putting aside finishes, coatings, and cladding to work with exposed structural elements is not an easy task. Faced with this challenge, architects have demonstrated an eagerness to surpass ourselves and to design increasingly creative structures. In portraying this type of project, there are often opportunities for photographers to create incredible and innovative compositions: from geometric patterns, to the use of symmetry and rhythm, to the possibility of focusing on the textures and details of the materials. Here, we present a selection of photographs of impressive structures by renowned photographers such as Iwan Baan, Julien Lanoo and Yao Li, among others.

© ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart© Boegly + Grazia© Courtesy of CCDI© Eric Dinardi+ 12

Innovative and Beautiful Uses of Brick: The Best Photos of the Week

It can't be denied that architects love brick. The material is popular both for its warmth and for the diversity of expressions that can be achieved by applying it in a creative way—depending on the arrangement of individual bricks or the combination of bonds, it’s possible to arrive at a result that is both original and attractive. That ingenuity is what photographers like Hiroyuki Oki, Gustavo Sosa Pinilla, and François Brix, among others, have attempted to capture in their photographs. In these images, light is a key element of good composition, allowing the photographers to control the intensity of color and the contrast of masses and voids, as well as enhancing the incredible textures of the brick we love so much.

© Courtesy of Atelier Alter© Photographix© Trieu Chien© Su Shengliang+ 11

Architecture and the Human Scale: The Best Photos of The Week

The incorporation of the human figure is one of the most effective tools employed in architectural photography: it helps the viewer decipher the scale of work. While it successfully communicates a rough idea of the measurements of the elements photographed, it also makes architecture more relatable and accessible. People engage better with the built environment when it is populated; the human sense of society and community is the cornerstone of our civilization. With this in mind, we showcase a selection of our favorite photographs where the human figure takes center stage to enhance our reading of architecture.

© Doublespace© Hufton + Crow© Jordi Castellano© Adrien Williams+ 11

Our Favorite Nordic Photographers: The Best Photos of The Week

Often informed by its harsh climate and stunning landscapes, Nordic design, specifically architecture, has a unique relationship with nature. Photographers of Nordic architecture have benefitted from studying this close connection in their photos that experiment with capturing light, innovative materials, and landscape to create a compelling composition. Below is a selection of images of both public and private architecture by prominent photographers such as Pasi Aalto, Bert Leandersson, Mika Huisman and Åke E: Lindman.

© Åke E:son Lindman© Pasi Aalto© Åke E:son Lindman© Rasmus Hjortshøj+ 8