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Often informed by its harsh climate and stunning landscapes, Nordic design, specifically architecture, has a unique relationship with nature. Photographers of Nordic architecture have benefitted from studying this close connection in their photos that experiment with capturing light, innovative materials, and landscape to create a compelling composition. Below is a selection of images of both public and private architecture by prominent photographers such as Pasi Aalto, Bert Leandersson, Mika Huisman and Åke E: Lindman. Pasi Aalto Fleinvær Refugium / TYIN Tegnestue + Rintala Eggertsson Architects Åke E-son Lindman Ornberget – Spine/Precipice / Petra Gipp Arkitek Bert Leandersson Karlshamn Cold Bath House / White Arkitekter Rasmus Hjortshøj Frederiksvej Kindergarten / COBE Åke E-son Lindman View more View full description
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