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The Architecture of Light: A Masterclass Weekend with Patkau Architects

Patkau Architects joins Yasodhara Ashram to cohost a unique weekend masterclass that uses the Temple of Light project as a case study for exploring the design of sacred space at the edge of architectural innovation. Together the group will explore architectural and fabrication practices through short lectures, reflection and meaningful dialogue with each other and invited guests from Patkau Architects, Spearhead and Yasodhara Ashram.

Patkau Architects: Material Operations

Experimenting directly with materials--bending and breaking them, feeling their texture, mass, and strength--provides a depth of understanding beyond simple visual observations. Patkau Architects’ innovative approach to design and purposeful use of materials provide a refreshed and expanded perspective on the possible.

MCHAP Shortlists the 36 Most “Outstanding Projects” in the Americas

Wiel Arets, Dean of the College of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and Dirk Denison, Director of the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP), have announced the inaugural MCHAP shortlist – 36 “Outstanding Projects” selected from the 225 MCHAP nominees.

“The rich diversity of these built works is a testament to the creative energy at work in the Americas today,” said Arets. “When viewed alongside the innovative work by the MCHAP.emerge finalists and winner, Poli House by Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen which we honored in May, we see the evolution of a distinctly American conversation about creating livable space.” See all 36 winners after the break.