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The Beauty of Bamboo: The Best Photos of the Week

12:00 - 1 October, 2017
The Beauty of Bamboo: The Best Photos of the Week, © Jimbawan
© Jimbawan

Bamboo has been used by man as a construction material since ancient times. The amazing thing about bamboo, besides being a totally natural material, is that it is sustainable, lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive. Although not widely used in the construction world (at least not when compared to materials like timber), the use of Bamboo enables original and attractive results. This week we have made a selection of 17 photos from well-known photographers such as Julien Lanoo, John Gollings, and Pasi Aalto.

Cortesía de asa+architects © Julien Lanoo © adDa Cortesía de asa+architects + 17