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Best Submissions to the 2018 Architecture Holiday Card Challenge

While the holidays bring with them a well-earned break for most architects, the creativity doesn't stop when the studio doors close. From gifts to greetings, designers bring their talents to the full range of holiday trappings - and we're here to share. This annual challenge, now in its fourth year, is our way of celebrating the inventiveness, originality, and artistry of ArchDaily readers from around the world. Below, our 50+ favorites from our readers: 

Happy Holidays from the Architects (2016 Edition)

'Tis the season for offices from around the world to send us a bit of holiday cheer! See our favorites below (or check out our reader-submitted cards).

Here’s to a wonderful, architecture-filled 2017!

Happy Holidays from the ArchDaily team!

Best Submissions to 2016 Architecture Holiday Card Challenge

Architects and students of architecture stereotypically never stop making, and their creative talents continue to flow irrespective of the holiday season. Our annual challenge is an unashamed way to channel the inventiveness, originality and artistry of our readers from around the world into that most humble of gifts: the holiday card. Out of the 200 submissions, these are 43 of our favorites.  

Featured gif by Rebecca Lou

Happy New Year to Our Readers!

Happy New Year from ArchDaily to our readers from around the globe! We had a great 2015 and we couldn’t have done it without your support. We can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring. In the meantime, check out some of our most popular projects, stories and highlights of 2015, after the break.