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4 Eye-Catching White Tiles to Use in Your Next Project

06:00 - 31 October, 2017
4 Eye-Catching White Tiles to Use in Your Next Project, © Copyright Koninklijke Mosa bv
© Copyright Koninklijke Mosa bv

Sometimes, the most timeless color is the most timely. 

It's easy to re-paint as fashions change, but when it comes to tile, the most significant reason for specifying white is that, while there are myriad ways to make it look new, it is a color that doesn’t go in and out of style. This is of tremendous value when selecting any permanent building material and may be one reason why it is such an important color historically throughout architecture and design.

As Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director, and Priscilla Ghaznavi, Color & Design Director of Benjamin Moore say, white remains constant in various light sources, accentuates light and shadow to help the eye appreciate the form of a space, can be elevated to a design tool when textured and layered with other whites, and gracefully accommodates any and all adjacent colors in a design.

Read on to check out 4 types of white tile that stand out for their unique tones, shapes, and textures.