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30 Graphs and Charts to Boost Your Visual Presentations

06:00 - 19 June, 2017
30 Graphs and Charts to Boost Your Visual Presentations, VM Houses. Image via BIG + JDS + PLOT = BIG + JDS
VM Houses. Image via BIG + JDS + PLOT = BIG + JDS

Communicating ideas through imagery are central to the design process. In client presentations, site visits, or public exhibitions, we are required to represent important aspects clearly to the receiver, who is often not an architect. Furthermore, producing detailed architectural drawings can allow us to identify and modify certain aspects of the design. 

Diagrams and charts, because of their non-spatial characteristics, are often neglected until the last moments of the design process, however, they can be a useful tool for analysis and organization. Taking the time to think and articulate these elements yield positive results, from understanding and organizing a design process to providing an unexpected change of idea.

In an effort to enhance the graphics and diagrams in architectural representation, check out this series of case studies to help you boost the visual, analytical, organizational power of your work.

Stranger Things Rendered in Amazing Plans

08:00 - 3 October, 2016


Maybe it’s the eighties nostalgia. Maybe it’s the cast of lovable characters (a few reminiscent of The Goonies). Or maybe it’s just a break from reality via a fantastical monster. Whatever your reason for watching (binging) it, the hit Netflix series Stranger Things has left fans yearning for Season 2. 

Till then, we have the next best thing: drawings of two major S.T. settings from architect Boryana Ilieva, who creates studies of space and light in cinematic architecture. Warning: the following contains spoilers regarding the first season.

Copyright Wikimedia user Lowtrucks - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Boryana Ilieva via Boryana Ilieva via Boryana Ilieva + 4