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Steven Christensen Architecture Wins AAP Award with Liepāja Thermal Bath and Hotel

Santa-Monica-based Steven Christensen Architecture has won the 2016 AAP American Architecture Prize for Recreational Architecture, with its design for the Liepāja Thermal Bath and Hotel in Latvia.

In an exploration of the role of the dome throughout the architectural history of public baths, the project utilizes dome shapes—both upright and inverted “as a rhizomatic formal and organizational embodiment of a contemporary public that is democratic, horizontally empowered, and increasingly networked” explained the architects. 

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Great Amber Concert Hall / Volker Giencke

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Liepāja, Latvia

Triple Bridge Waterfront Competition Winners Announced

HMMD Competitions has announced the winners of its Triple Bridge Waterfront design competition, which called for designs to transform the Liepaja Canal coastline into a leisure avenue in Liepaja, Latvia.

Divided into four individually functioning zones, the site in question connects the famous Fontaine Palace, Great Amer symphony concert hall, Libava Hotel, the former railway bridge, and the newly proposed park in Zirgu Sala. In their submissions, designers thus had to include a “restaurant/café, nightclub/bar, exhibition space/conference hall, and an unprescribed tourist attraction.”

Entrants were additionally asked to consider the relationship between modern and historic developments and influences, as well as sustainable growth.

“Successful entries to the competition were refined, yet nimble to accommodate a vast site flanked by historic building and exposure to a canal.”

The winners of the competition are:

Put Vejini Concert Garden Proposal / Jevgenijs Busins, Anton Gonda & Ivo Dzenis

Courtesy of Jevgenijs Busins, Anton Gonda & Ivo Dzenis
Courtesy of Jevgenijs Busins, Anton Gonda & Ivo Dzenis

As one of the winners for an open competition, the concept of the Put Vejini concert stage, by Jevgenijs Busins, Anton Gonda, and Ivo Dzenis, is based on the acoustic possibilities of building. The goal was to achieve maximum acoustic potential using a minimal amount of materials and to get an aesthetically appealing image of a concert hall. More images and architects’ description after the break.