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Lautner Harpel House: The Latest Architecture and News

In Residence: Inside John Lautner's Quintessential California Modern, the Lautner Harpel House

There are so many moves that the architect makes that you don’t understand the moment you see the house… and as those things reveal themselves, it’s always these really beautiful moments because it’s sort of like a poem or a song coming together in a way where it makes sense – you’ve heard it before but you didn’t understand it

In the latest video from their In Residence series, NOWNESS takes a look inside the recently restored Lautner Harpel House, built in 1956 by Los Angeles architect and Frank Lloyd Wright protege John Lautner. After purchasing the house in 2006, design restorer and Resurrection Vintage co-founder Mark Haddawy sought to restore the house to its original conception – a process that required the removal of several ill-conceived additions, including a second story.

Check out the video to see inside the house, and how its individual moments come together to create a signature example of California Modernism.