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Design that Educates 2019 Award Winners

05:00 - 24 April, 2019
Design that Educates 2019 Award Winners, © Dacian Groza
© Dacian Groza

The Design that Educates Awards program has announced the 2019 winners in architecture, universal design and product design. The awards investigate the educational potential of architecture and design. Each year, a panel of judges selects the most outstanding projects that inspire learning. The objective of the awards is to recognize, showcase, and promote globally the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design that educate.

Courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde, Pim Hendriksen, Derrick Wang, Willem de Kam Courtesy of Ecocapsule © Juliusz Sokołowski © Österreich Werbung, Michael Stabentheiner + 10

Laka Reveals Winners of the 2018 "Architecture that Reacts" Competition

09:00 - 13 December, 2018
Laka Reveals Winners of the 2018 "Architecture that Reacts" Competition, First Prize: Tidal Terrains / Mary Denam. Image via Laka
First Prize: Tidal Terrains / Mary Denam. Image via Laka

Laka has published the results of the 2018 edition of their annual Architecture that Reacts competition, focusing on “architectural, design, or technological solutions that are capable of dynamic interaction with their surroundings.” This year saw 200 participants from more than 30 countries submit 130 designs, following an interdisciplinary approach reaching beyond typical building solutions.

This year’s winners hailed from the USA and Austria, confronting issues such as climate change, ubiquitous computation, and new ways of perceiving space in a machine-driven future. Below, we have rounded up the winners, special recognitions, and honorable mentions from the 2018 edition. For more information on the competition, and previous results, visit the official website here.

Second Prize: Embodied Homeostasis / David Stieler	. Image via Laka Third Prize: Platform of Motion / Nusrat Jahan Mim, Arman Salemi. Image via Laka Surftopia / Eduardo Camarena Estébanez, María Urigoitia Villanueva. Image via Laka Platinum City / Sean Thomas Allen. Image via Laka + 21