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LAD Reimagines a Public Square in Milan with Hanging Garden

In the city of Milan, architecture firm LAD identified a busy roundabout with the potential to host a new public square typology. Sovraparco, literally “over park,” is a design by the Italian firm and Hypnos Studio to better utilize an existing area in the city, Piazzale Loreto, by infusing it with greenery and public space. The project intentionally does not impose on the surrounding buildings to revamp the area, but instead inserts itself into the central space and aims to rethink what belongs to the public sector.

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White Church / LAD

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Guangzhou, China

Fair Concrete/La Feria Concreta: Dominican Republic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2014

Under the direction of Laboratorio de Arquitectura Dominicana (LAD), the Dominican Republic's first Pavilion at the Venice Biennale explored the intersection of architecture, urbanism, and politics through the lens of the Feria de la Paz y Confraternidad del Mundo Libre (The Fair of Peace and Brotherhood of the Free World), celebrated in 1955 in Santo Domingo. The fair was an attempt by the dictator Rafael Trujillo to project to the outside world a vision of a modern country firmly under his dictatorial control.

The Fair - today the site of governmental institutions - was a turning point for Santo Domingo and modern architecture, forever altering the city and its urban limits.

Read the curators' description and take a virtual tour of the pavilion after the break.