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Hope On Proposes Modular Housing Solutions for the Homeless in LA

Hope on Alvarado, designed by KTGY Architecture + Planning, is the first modular housing project in the series of Hope On developments, aiming to find sheltering solutions for the chronically homeless, in Los Angeles.

“Re-Habit” Transforms Empty Big Box Stores into Housing for the Homeless

Los Angeles-based KTGY Architecture + Planning’s Research and Development studio has unveiled an idea to reuse millions of square feet of empty retail stores as housing for the homeless. The “Re-Habit” concept calls for the installation of bathrooms, dining, sleeping, gardening, and job training facilities, transforming obsolete big-box stores into agents of social change.

The concept comes at a time when vast big box stores such as Macy’s, JC Penney, and Sears are closing in record numbers, leaving large vacant footprints throughout the urban landscape.

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