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Sailing Castle / Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio

23:00 - 6 March, 2019
Sailing Castle / Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio, © Wei Chun LIN
© Wei Chun LIN

© Wei Chun LIN © Wei Chun LIN © Wei Chun LIN © Wei Chun LIN + 38

Cristopher Cichocki's Places Art in Architecture to Spark a Discussion About Environmental Sustainability

12:00 - 20 October, 2018
Courtesy of Geoplast
Courtesy of Geoplast

Cristopher Cichocki's Root Cycle combines installation art with existing architecture in an effort to spark a discussion regarding the relationship between design, both contemporary and historical, and environmental sustainability.

Cichocki partnered with Geoplast, a local Italian designer and manufacturer dedicated to producing innovative sustainable design products. The artist uses a particular Geoplast elevator product and Aloe Vera plants as the main components for the artwork.

"Brixel" Reinvents Basic Bricks for the Digital Age

04:00 - 16 October, 2018

Many contemporary design innovations have embraced the growth and expansion of new technologies. BREAKFAST, a Brooklyn-based rapid product and prototype company, has released ‘Brixel’ a product that combines the customizability technology can provide with the most fundamental building block of architecture - the brick.

The Brixel is an infinitely rotating brick controlled by a software app on your phone. The sleek design and variety of available shapes provide the designer or architect with the tools needed to create a 3-dimensional, interactive installation. Brixel’s design flexibility allows it to be used in many applications, such as dynamic wall installations, railings, facades, and sculpture. Andrew Zolty, BREAKFAST's Co-Founder and Head of Design described Brixel: