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Indaba Festival: The Latest Architecture and News

A Sustainable Solution for South Africa's Toilet Crisis by the Community, for the Community

This article was made in partnership with Design Indaba, a website and annual festival that uncovers innovation for good. Global Graduate Nicole Moyo presented her project Day 1 of the 2019 festival. Click here to learn more about the annual event.

Our planet is home to almost 7 billion people. Out of these 7 billion, more than 5 billion have access to mobile phones, but less have access to working toilets, and more than 1 billion still discharge waste in the open.

Courtesy of Nicole MoyoCourtesy of Nicole MoyoCourtesy of Nicole MoyoCourtesy of Nicole Moyo+ 16

The 2019 Design Indaba Festival in Cape Town Celebrates Design, Culture, and Creativity

Known for hosting the "best creative conference in the world," the Design Indaba Festival brings together internationally-acclaimed architects, designers, emerging talents, critics, and art enthusiasts all under one roof to discuss the importance of making the world a better place through design. Over the last two decades, the annual conference has centered on "design activism," with a focus on online design publications.

The multi-sensory event will take place in the heart of Cape Town from 27 February to 01 March 2019 in the Artscape Theater Center. The theater has been a pioneer in artistic expression and display for more than four decades, providing a platform of world-class productions and innovative sets.

Courtesy of Design IndabaCourtesy of Design IndabaCourtesy of Design IndabaCourtesy of Design Indaba+ 8