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Norman Foster Foundation Includes Aravena, Ive and Other Leading Names in Their 2017 "Future is Now" Conference

14:15 - 6 June, 2017
© Norman Foster Foundation
© Norman Foster Foundation

Last month the Norman Foster Foundation, created to promote "interdisciplinary thinking and research to help up-and-coming architects, designers and urbanists to anticipate the future," coincided the opening of its new Madrid-based headquarters with an international conference. Future is Now pulled together a broad collection of professionals—including Sir Jonathan Ive, Marc Newson, Olafur Eliasson, Maya Lin, Alejandro Aravena, and Luis Fernández-Galian—who addressed an audience of 1,800 (including 1,100 students) in the Spanish capital's Royal Theater.

Watch the conference in its entirety, or read a summary, after the break.

Dutch Dikes

07:00 - 22 April, 2017
Dutch Dikes, Dutch Dikes
Dutch Dikes

The Netherlands has many thousands of dikes. A pivotal element in the Dutch landscape and one of the oldest features of the country's extensive water management program, the dikes of the Netherlands have significant cultural, historical and environmental value. But despite their importance to the history, economy and culture of the Netherlands (and their contemporary international relevance as the world scrambles to develop and implement effective flood-control strategies), Dutch dikes have never been properly mapped out or systematically studied. Many of them fail to meet current safety standards, though they are still a ubiquitous presence in the Dutch landscape.

International Dialogues: Reiner de Graaf and Henk Ovink

13:30 - 22 February, 2016
International Dialogues: Reiner de Graaf and Henk Ovink

Henk Ovink has transformed the way communities affected by continuing threats of flooding respond to change and how architects and city planners rebuilt their cities after flooding disasters. Both Henk Ovink and OMA are involved in the post-Hurricane Sandy rebuild in the United States through the ‘Rebuild by Design’ competition. In this event Reinier de Graaf (Partner at OMA) and Henk Ovink (Special Envoy for International Water Affairs for the Kingdom of the Netherlands) discuss with Ricky Burdett the challenges and approaches of rebuilding critical infrastructure in areas prone to flooding and their engagement with communities.