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New York City Mapped All of its Trees and Calculated the Economic Benefits of Every Single One

Public spaces, squares, and parks in New York City are administered by the city’s Department of Parks & Recreation (NYC Parks).

In recent years, the agency has been responsible for creating new programs to help children, youth and adults be aware of the importance of caring for their urban landscape.

One of these programs is a TreesCount! which in 2015 gathered 2,300 volunteers to learn about the trees in their environment, what state they are in, what care they need, what their measurements are, and how they benefit the surrounding community, etc.

For months, they walked the streets of the five boroughs together with a group of monitors who previously trained them to recognize what trees they were studying and their characteristics. 

Light, Space, and Movement Become Art During the Mesmerizing Sensory Experience of "VOID"

VOID is an interactive sensory art installation created by New York-based artists Sergio Mora-Diaz, Oryan Inbar and Jordan Backhus, that manipulates light in physical space to generate an immersive interaction arena and a meditative, transcendent spatial experience, which reminiscent of the cosmic sky and streams of information.

The installation is composed of an arrangement of translucent screens, digital generative images displayed through a projector and sensors that respond directly and visually to the proximities and movements of its users. 

Pelli Clarke Pelli Designs New Building for Trinity Church Wall Street

After two years of intensive planning, Trinity Church Wall Street revealed the design for its new building at 74 Trinity Place, in the Financial District of New York City. New York-based firm Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects designed the building to serve as both a ministry and community center for the church. Using open public spaces and multipurpose rooms, the structure will connect neighbors, workers, and families — reflecting the church’s aim for community engagement.