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Architectural Association Visiting School Chiloé Archipelago

Marking almost 200 years since Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle, we will journey to the Chiloé Archipelago in northern Patagonia and re-explore this remote area through fieldwork, relishing the opportunity to investigate an outdoor laboratory.

Antarctic Base McMurdo Station Receives Sustainable New Master Plan

McMurdo Station, the American Antarctic base, was never meant to be a permanent settlement when it was built in 1956, yet today it is home to 250 people full-time in addition to approximately 1,000 summer workers each year. Consisting now of over 100 buildings spread across 164 acres, the settlement acts as a logistical base for field science but is dysfunctional for the scientists and researchers who live and work there and inefficient in terms of meeting the demands of Antarctica’s harsh climate. OZ Architecture has recently unveiled a new master plan for McMurdo that aims to turn the station into a model of American leadership in science, engineering, sustainability, and architecture, condensing the current sprawl into a 300,000 square foot campus composed of 6 buildings.

© OZ Architecture © OZ Architecture Current McMurdo Station. Image © Peter Somers Current McMurdo Station. Image © OZ Architecture + 14