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Engineers: The Latest Architecture and News

Gear Up For Asean’s Leading Architectural Event

The International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition (ARCHIDEX) — Southeast Asia’s premier annual architecture, interior design, and building industry event is back for its 18th year.

Architects and Structural Engineers: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Charles Thornton, one of the world’s preeminent structural engineers, once said that the greatest challenge facing the profession of structural engineering is that “I don’t think we have enough self-esteem and enough confidence in ourselves to believe that what we do is so important... Architects are trained to present, to communicate, to sell, to promote themselves, to promote their industry, and to take credit for what they do.”

As a structural engineer with over a decade of experience, I agree with Mr. Thornton—to an extent.

Call for Submissions: Contest for Art Residency Grants in Earth Architecture, Ceramics and Sound Sculpture



Applications are open for the Art Residency Grants in Oficinas do Convento - Cultural Association for Art and Communication (OC) in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal. We have launched three vacancies for Art Residencies to take place between September and December 2016.

This Contest for Grants by OC intends to implement a self-funded programme through the application fees. The application have a 20 euros fee and this amount will be used to create the three Residencies.

Artists from all areas, architects, engineers and designers are invited to submit their proposals for projects to be developed in

Call for Entries: Building the Border Wall?

Update #4 (3/17/2016): We have received the following statement from the organizers of this competition, the Third Mind Foundation. Below the updates, you can read the new competition brief. ArchDaily is in no way affiliated with the competition itself or its organizers.

Go Beyond: Design Challenge

The Go Beyond: Design Challenge is unique from usual design competitions because it funds the construction of a working prototype in addition to offering prize money. This is an international design competition organized by the Singapore-based ONG FOUNDATION for architects, engineers, designers and innovators to create new-to-the-world solutions. Every year, about two million shipping containers are no longer used. What if these could be upcycled into sustainable architecture to reduce the total carbon footprint of global development?

Arup Documentary: Traces of Peter Rice

Peter Rice has been described as both one of the best engineers and architects of the twentieth century. Unhappy with the role that engineers play in designing buildings, Rice dedicated his life to championing brave innovation and poetry through structure in a way that helped bridge the gap between engineering and architecture. His desire to work in tandem with architects, towards a shared vision, made him one of the most in-demand engineers of the twentieth century.