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RIBA Publishes 'The Ten Primary Characteristics of Places Where People Want to Live'

05:00 - 30 October, 2018
RIBA Publishes 'The Ten Primary Characteristics of Places Where People Want to Live', © Tim Crocker
© Tim Crocker

The RIBA's ‘Ten Characteristics of Places Where People Want to Live’ combines a series of case studies that illustrate components of contemporary community housing design. This study was completed to identify and analyze specific, successful elements of past projects that can be easily incorporated into future projects not only in England but also internationally.

The study hopes to demonstrate to its readers the relationship between design quality and the rate of supply in the delivery of much needed well-built affordable housing. Each building example illustrates how appealing and successful design can be easily replicated.

via HTA © Tim Crocker via Proctor + Matthews Architects © Kilian O'Sullivan + 11

These Alabama Architecture Students are Designing and Building Low-Cost Homes for Rural America

06:00 - 18 July, 2018
© Timothy Hursley
© Timothy Hursley

Rural Studio, a student-centered design/build program at Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction, has announced a collaboration with the mortgage loan company Fannie Mae to support the school’s 20K Initiative. This initiative continues to contribute to the development of "beautiful, healthy and resilient houses that afford financially vulnerable homeowners the ability to live in dignity, security and well within their means."

As a means to address the shortage of affordable housing in the U.S., the research produced from this collaboration with Fannie Mae is being shared with educational institutions industry groups. Auburn University is also providing funding for the initiative through a grant to "further strengthen the collaboration with Fannie Mae, as well as support the development of additional stakeholder collaborations."

© Timothy Hursley © Timothy Hursley © Timothy Hursley Courtesy of Auburn University Rural Studio + 7

Architects Propose 120 Incremental Social Houses for Iquitos, Peru

06:00 - 23 March, 2018

Building and growing are two actions that should be considered more often than not at the same time. This is how the 2017 "Build to Grow" social housing competition, looked to establish bases that sustain a flexible way of living. The event took place in the Belén district in the city of Iquitos, on 3.7 hectares plot of land. The project that received first place proposed to locate 120 incremental homes, that alternatively allowed users to modify and expand it according to their needs and economic means. In short, a home with a solid nucleus formed by a structure that supports changing activities.