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"I Believe in Questions that are Eternal": Dong Gong of Vector Architects

It is now expected of architects to turn away from designing iconic buildings/objects and focus instead on creating engaging built environments; from imagining idealistic, form-driven projects driven by the artistic pursuit to focusing on downright pragmatic solutions. China, of course, holds a large mirror to these tendencies, as so many Chinese architects quickly produced exactly the kind of projects that critics favor – modest in scale, straightforward in their expressions, reliant on indigenous construction techniques, and with inventive use of traditional materials. The results, however appealing, seem to lack both variety and risk-taking. There must be another way, not so formulaic.

Courtyard Hybrid / Vector Architects. Image © Vector Architects Courtyard Hybrid / Vector Architects. Image © Vector Architects Captain’s House / Vector Architects. Image © Vector Architects Seashore Chapel / Vector Architects. Image © Vector Architects, Chen Hao + 47