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Discussion: The Latest Architecture and News

What is Sustainability Anyway?

Sustainability is like teenage sex. Everybody says they’re doing it, very few people are actually doing it. Those who are doing it, are doing it badly," once Joseph Romm said.

It is evident that there are many misconceptions about what sustainable architecture really is. Some define it as building with recycled materials, others believe it is all about integrating green elements into the architecture, and some mount solar panels onto their roof and label the project “green”.

How Important is the Name of a Renowned Architect to a Project?

From the Fundación Arquia Blog, architect José Ramón Hernandez brings us an article that reflects on projects that can only be appreciated because of who they were created by. If it weren't for the fact that they bear the signature of their illustrious creator, they most likely would have gone completely unnoticed or even despised.

2017 Scottish Architecture Fringe: Closing Lecture

Architecture occurs within a multiplicity of varying contexts, arrangements and expressions. It can be deployed for the greater good and harnessed for singular enrichment. It can be activated to induce joy and utilised to encourage fear. It can be programmed to provide the infrastructural genesis of further activity and applied as final conclusive decoration.

Second Call For Submissions: Future Architecture Platform

After a successful first cycle of activities in the initial year, Future Architecture Platform launches a new call for ideas for all who wish to participate in the Future Architecture program cycle throughout Europe in 2017. The platform invites emerging creatives to apply with the ideas, visions and projects they consider important for the future of architecture.

Monocle 24 Radio Live Debate Series – Section D

Join us at Midori House in London’s Marylebone for this live edition of Section D, Monocle 24’s weekly design radio show. Opinionated guests from the worlds of typography, graphic design, journalism and architecture join Section D host Josh Fehnert to reflect on their careers and London’s status as a design city and offer some resolution on that age-old question: "What is good design?"