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Architecture in Black: A Selection of The Best Dark Interiors

The use of light and shadow in architecture can have several nuances. The traditional Japanese culture stands out for working with spaces of dim light, kind of dull. On the other hand, modern architecture and minimalism work along with illuminating spaces through the use of white spaces and reflection of light as a recurring resource.

Even so, black, dark spaces and minimalism also converse in the same language that provides new possibilities for lighting design and use of new materials. We now present you a selection of the best contemporary interior spaces that use black as the protagonist element, generating introspective but dramatic environments at the same time.

Weather Forms Exhibition by Stallan-Brand

The word Scotland is derived from the ancient Greek word for shadow, or darkness and gloom ‘skótos’. Quite simply Scotland’s ancient meaning being ‘shadow land’. “Our weather shapes everything in our world; our psyche, our homes, our fashion, our architecture, our culture … weather is an omnipresent force”.

Scottish practice Stallan-Brand present art and architectural works that explore ‘how our place on earth defines us’ challenging the popular idea that ‘people make places’ by demonstrating that they in fact make us.

Højblokka_PULS / MAPT + DARK

Architect: MAPT + DARK Architects Location: Oslo, Norway Program: Highrise with Shopping, Wellness and Office Facilities Project year: 2009 Images: MAPT

Højblokka_PULS / MAPT + DARK Højblokka_PULS / MAPT + DARK Højblokka_PULS / MAPT + DARK Højblokka_PULS / MAPT + DARK + 13