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This Brazilian House Uses Different Materials as an Extension of the Surrounding Arid Landscape

This article is part of our new series "Material in Focus", where we ask architects to share with us their creative process through the choice of materials that define important parts of the construction of their buildings.

The architecture of Casa 28 shows itself as an extension of the arid and exuberant landscape of the Cerrado. A variety of perspectives unfolds as you walk through the house. A family looking for tranquility and connection with nature commissioned this urban refuge located 10 minutes from the National Congress in Brasilia. The elements have different heights that confirm a spatial hierarchy. Extensive walls, coated with polymeric mortar, define fluid spaces and openings placed in all directions integrate cohabitating areas. We talked with architect Samuel Lamas from Equipe Lamas to learn more about the choices of materials used in the project and the influence these choices had on the design concept. Read the interview below:

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