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WELL Building Certification - An Architectural Aid for Human Health

Architecture continually evolves to meet societal demands. Recently, a global effort to tackle climate change, and to achieve optimum energy efficiency in buildings, has brought standards such as BREEAM and LEED to the fore. However, as scientific analysis and awareness of human mental health has increased, architects are once again required to place humans at the centre of the design process. This growing trend has led to the development of WELL Building Certification – considered the world’s first certification focused exclusively on human health and wellbeing.

Symantec HQ - Staff interaction is encouraged as part of WELL standards. Image Courtesy of Little Symantec HQ - A vibrant collection of spaces encourage movement. Image Courtesy of Little Symantec HQ - Staff movement and interaction is encouraged to promote wellbeing. Image Courtesy of Little Symantec HQ - The building has achieved WELL certification. Image Courtesy of Little + 16