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Berlin Architecture Museum Student and Young Architects Competition

Berlin has been a main witness of the greatest cultural, religious, political and artistic transfor­mations of Europe throughout the centuries and its architectural and urban heritage allow us to revisit through its streets, monuments and buildings the convulsive history of this continent. From its origins in the middle Ages it has witnessed the raise of the Prussian Empire and its collapse after the First World War, its resurgence as the Weimar Republic and later the formation of the III Reich. It has seen the horrors of World War II, occupied and divided by a shameful wall for almost 30 years and later, after its fall, it has experienced the reunification of a country to finally establish itself as the most important capital of Europe.

New York Vertical City

New York is the emblematic city of professional progress, great ambitions and large corporations. A place where the idea of success in society is pursued although in many cases it is accompanied by long working hours. People spend a third of the day or more in workspaces and most offices were designed to increase productivity regardless of the spatial quality or well-being of employees.

Rome Contemporary Chapel


For centuries the population undertook great efforts to materialize the worship to their gods. Some examples are offerings, rituals, monuments or buildings, depending on their culture. The construction of churches was very important for the development of architecture. Every project took the constructions systems and technology of that time to its limit, generating suggestive spaces which transcended religions.

Rome, the crib of occidental civilization, witnessed multiple religious constructions along history. The juxtaposed layers throughout history include the first temples of the Roman Empire such as the Pantheon, to current Christian churches like the St. Peter´s Basilica, among others. Each building

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