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Foresight - AA Visiting School Stuttgart

Never before have there been such fundamental uncertainties about our future. Obvious signs of climate change, a political landscape in flux, rapid advances in technology and their consequential societal changes are making us anxious about our personal life in the next decades.

The Laboratory is a cross-disciplinary initiative that brings together architects, artists, designers and researchers to speculate about the near future through an exploration of our social, cultural, spatial and technological present. What could the impact be onto our shared future? Avoiding dystopia, the workshop aims to come up with productive narratives about the future that try to

AAVS Bamboo Lab - Haiti

In our fifth Haitian adventure, we will be working in groups to intensively learn a design methodology, software tools, and use this to propose an efficient, iconic bamboo structure. In the later 2/3 of the course, we will build one design as one group, and the construction will act as a catalyst for participants to learn about bamboo: joints; species selection; treatment; taxonomy; cutting; and propagation.

Participate in AA Myanmar Visiting School

The Architectural Association Myanmar Visiting School aims to provide space and support to invigorate the architectural use of Myanmar's local bamboo resources. The project will revitalize local, traditional bamboo use techniques, and where applicable, combine them with current international best practices in the use of bamboo. It will promote the application of bamboo as an environmentally sound, renewable, and practical means to increasing and sustaining local craftsmanship, sustainable livelihoods, cultural heritage, while supporting carbon sequestering and environmental protection in the region.