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Call for Entries: OMA NY & DS+R Scholarship

The Arquia Foundation signs an agreement with Architect-US to expand its program to the United States and adds 2 scholarships in New York to their XXI Arquia Scholarships 2020 Call.

The Arquia Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with Architect-US with the aim of expanding the destinations of their scholarships and offering the first Arquia Scholarship in the United States through the companies network of the Architect-US Program.

This new alliance allows accessing the American labor market and a professional experience to students and young graduated architects willing to pursue a professional internship for a year in the United States. The destination

Recruiting Architects of the World: How Architect-US Helps Firms to Find International Talent

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What if hiring an international architect with great skills, qualifications, and unique insights was as easy as hiring someone from upstate New York or Indiana? Architects worldwide dream of an opportunity to enter the competitive American market and it is common for young professionals to travel internationally for study or work. At the same time, many top US firms are searching for diverse new talent, yet the cost, paperwork, and bureaucracy of hiring international candidates can be discouraging. Architect-US was created to fill that gap.

Architect-US: How To Get a Job at a Top US Architecture Firm

© Annie Spratt. Image Courtesy of Architect-US

Looking for a job isn’t fun. It’s nerve-wracking for the applicant and it’s often time-consuming for the potential employer as well. It can be even worse if you’re job-seeking internationally, hoping for a position with a top firm in the United States. For an applicant from another country hoping to make the move to an architecture career in the US, the process can seem overwhelming: rules and regulations, visa issuance processes, and loads of supplementary documentation necessary for immigration.

Top Architecture Firms enrolled in the Architect-US Programs. Image courtesy of Architect-US.