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Design an Efficient Kitchen by Downloading These BIM Objects

08:00 - 1 July, 2018

The requirements for the use of BIM files in architectural projects are getting increasingly stricter. Currently, there are mandates that will require the use of these tools for the development of public projects. It is also likely that these norms will also be replicated in private projects.

Earlier this year, we published the guide 'How to Correctly Design and Build a Kitchen;' today, we present the second installment on how to use the BIM format to design the kitchen of your project quickly and efficiently. The modules are part of a library of elements which can be varied in a large number of formats and styles through the different models of Melamine boards.

The advantage of applying these modules is dependent on your design. You must consider the best possible optimization of a board, avoiding waste of material and money, and reducing the problems when building each piece of furniture.

How to Build a Modular Kitchen

08:00 - 2 June, 2017

Want a new home project to obsess over? We’ve got you covered. Stove, check. Fridge, check. Work surface, 3-4 inches below elbows - depending on what standards you use. The kitchen stands as one of the oldest typologies in mankind. From primitive fire pit to the sleek minimal surfaces we see cropping up online, it has gone through several overhauls in its long life. Nowadays its elements are consistent on an international level – so we can assemble them as quickly as possible, and even build them ourselves. In the search to rethink the kitchen space, sustainable wood manufacturer Arauco partnered up with Chilean architect Felipe Arriagada to create a simple and low-cost DIY proposal. The project is a series of a partnership between Arauco and leading designers to remodel and share ideas about relatable, down-to-earth design at home.

Check out the drawings and steps below:

We have listed all the materials you need for this easy DIY. 

3 Low-Cost Kitchens You Can Build Right Now / Part I

16:00 - 28 April, 2017
3 Low-Cost Kitchens You Can Build Right Now / Part I, Design by Jhan Arancibia. Courtesy of Arauco
Design by Jhan Arancibia. Courtesy of Arauco

In 2016, Arauco launched a call to rethink the space of the kitchen with the objective of finding simple and attractive solutions for the houses of the Worker's Housing Plan (PVT), located in Constitución, Maule Region, Chile.

The competition developed within the framework of the II Encuentro Espacios Vesto, and it forced participants to consider a simple, low-cost assembly that could be self-constructed and expanded according to the needs of the users. In addition, each project had to consider self-supporting furniture that didn't require support holes on the walls to preserve the acoustic insulation of the dwellings.

We present below the kitchen designed by Jhan Arancibia, plus a list of all the necessary materials so you can build it yourself.

15 Metal Fittings for Connecting Laminated Wooden Structures

09:00 - 23 February, 2017
15 Metal Fittings for Connecting Laminated Wooden Structures , Cortesía de Arauco
Cortesía de Arauco

When designing wooden structures, it’s very important to consider joints and reinforcements that will allow them to stay together and upright. These connectors not only allow for adhering wood to wood but also let you anchor wood elements to brick and concrete walls. 

With such a variety of pieces needing to be connected together (beam-beam / beam-pillar / beam-strut / beam-wall / base-frames), working with hardware requires the advice of a calculating engineer or a professional with knowledge and experience. To guide you in this process, we have selected 15 metal fittings specially designed by Arauco to connect wood pieces.

M90 for 90 mm pillars Beam Strut V Joint Beam to Slope Joint Support Plate + 16