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Labour Minister Endorses UK-Wide Architecture Festival and More Competitions

The UK's Shadow Culture Minister Helen Goodman has outlined a number of ideas that she would like to put into practice should her party win the next general election, reports the Architects' Journal. The proposals, made at last week's Labour Party Conference in Manchester, include increasing the number of open architecture competitions held in the UK and holding a major UK-wide annual festival of architecture. Read on after the break for more on Goodman's proposals.

Colorful Pop-Up Pavilion Forms the Centerpiece for Camden Create Festival

As part of a new three-day festival in the London borough of Camden, KSR Architects have designed a brightly colored pop-up pavilion for the famous Britannia Junction. The festival's centerpiece is made up of 640 fluorescent tubes hanging from a stage truss system to make a colossal wind chime, animating the area with movement, color and sound.

Read more about the pavilion and the festival, and see more images after the break

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