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Wooden Doors - Wood Balanced Doors | Ellison Bronze
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Wooden Doors - Wood Balanced Doors | Ellison Bronze


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Every Ellison door is 100% custom. Choices in material, finish, size, hardware, and style are only the beginning. The final design is determined by the vision of the project team and the functional needs of the project.

Ellison balanced wood doors feature a door leaf made from your choice of American Black Walnut, Teak, American Black Cherry, Rift White Oak, Plain Sawn Mahogany, and other wood species.

Wood door thickness is 2-⅜” minimum to 3” maximum. Stile width is 3” minimum. Top rail height is 3” minimum, and bottom rail height is 6” minimum, although 10” is recommended to comply with 2010 ADA standards. Doors receive a final factory-applied natural medium gloss finish.

The frame on an Ellison balanced wood door is available in your choice of formed stainless and bronze or aluminum. The shaft containing the torsion bar closer spring can be either concealed within the doorframe or exposed. These doors can also be equipped with Ellison PowerNow power operators.

Metra Glenview Station, Glenview, Illinois.


- Public Entrances
- Hotels
- Commercial
- Retail
- Educational


- Solid internal subframe construction, which allows them to long outlast the 5-10 year lifespan of average high-traffic doors.
- Subframe joined to the outer structure by closely spaced spot-welds.
- Both external and internal door parts are made of .09” thick material, resulting in greater resistance of dings and dents than thinner doors.
- Door Top Pivot fully adjustable to ensure proper door clearances
- The installation does NOT require a floor cut out.


Life Cycle: The average lifespan of a typical high-traffic commercial entry door is about 10 years. For an Ellison custom balanced door, the expected lifespan is 80 years and counting. Many of the earliest Ellison balanced doors (from the 1930s) remain in operation to this day. This means, in time, at least seven doors would have to be manufactured to serve the duration of just one Ellison custom balanced door.

Materials: Ellison custom balanced doors (excluding wood doors) are comprised almost entirely of metal and glass, two of the world's most readily recyclable and upcyclable materials. Only two very small – but critical – components are polymer-based, to ensure long term corrosion resistance. What's more, most Ellison doors are made from particularly valuable metals like bronze and stainless, which helps to ensure their eventual recycling.

Manufacturing: Ellison produces nearly the entire balanced door in-house. For example, all balanced hardware is cast in Ellison's foundry and tooled in Ellison's factory. Virtually no material is wasted, as unused material is remelted for reuse. Also, under a sustainable manufacturing program sponsored by the New York State, Ellison has implemented manufacturing systems that maximize both water and energy conservation.

For more information about Ellison Bronze Wood Balanced Doors contact through our contact/quote button on top, visit Ellison Bronze's Page in Materials, or visit: www.ellisonbronze.com.

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