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Linvisibile Pocket Door | Marea | Linvisibile
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Linvisibile Pocket Door | Marea | Linvisibile

  • Available in

  • Use

    Opening and closing systems, room dividers and partitions
  • Applications

    Residential, office, interior design, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Can be coated with almost any material (metal, stone, leather), can achieve a whole camouflage with the wall, 100% solid structure
  • Sizes

    Widht: 700/ 800/ 900/1200 mm / Height: 2100 /2400/2800 mm

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More about this product

Linvisibile presents the first Linvisibile Marea | Pocket door, which offers unprecedented technological and functional innovation, adding a great patent surplus value. An original product that revolutionizes the concept of assembly, handling and maintenance for sliding doors. It is the ideal solution to any setting, whether at home or at work.

It can be coated with almost any type of material (metal, stone, leather) to create unique atmospheres. Lacquered (glossy or matt) and wooden versions are also available.

Pocket door

Product Advantages

  • Extremely easy to assemble: The technology was conceived to renew and simplify both assembly and maintenance of the panel. By altering just 2 screws, you can fully install and adjust the panel without having to work directly on the leaf.
  • 100% solid structure: The aluminum walls forming the panel's pocket are as sturdy as the walls themselves. The structure is so solid, there is no risk of cracks in the plaster and/or pre-selected finish.
  • A template is used as a strengthening spacer to keep the entire structure perfectly true and square during assembly and to ensure a perfect panel housing pocket/ striker alignment.
  • Highly functional sliding system: Thanks to the body-guide patent, no operation is carried out on the panel. Only 2 screws are placed close to the upper corner between the top rail and the striker. The carriage, fitted to the guide, has bumpers so that the panel can be opened and closed while softly braked, with precise, safe and absolutely silent movements. Moreover, the guide “isolates” the top rail frame and the panel housing pocket walls so that all vibrations caused by sliding do not affect them, reducing any risk of deformation.
  • Refined aesthetics: Thanks to a basic directional system, which guides the movement of the panel, the surfaces in view of the sheet are completely free of cracks. The directional system also keeps the central line of the door aligned during the movement of the sheet, giving excellent stability to the panel and preventing it from "oscillating" laterally during the opening/closing phase.
  • Invisible handles: They area completely hidden, accentuating the clean architectural design. The door has been equipped with completely invisible handles as they are flush with the panel and the same color as this. An exclusive Linvisibile feature.
  • A square tubular spacer is used as a straightening element to keep the entire structure perfectly square during the assembly phase and ensure perfect alignment of the frame with the corresponding contact.

Technical Details

  • The aluminum walls that form the housing-panel cavity have a consistency similar to that of the walls. The solidity of the structure makes it possible to prevent even the minimum bending, preserving it from the risk of cracks in the plaster and/or in the chosen finish.
  • The surfaces in view of the lead are completely free of milling (except for any work that is done to insert the handles)
  • The door comes with an eyelet flush-fitting handle lacquered white RAL 9016 or matt chrome.
  • It is possible to add different types of handles.

Versions of Linvisibile Marea - Pocket Door

1. Double leaves version: The double leaves Pocket Door keeps the main characteristics of the one leaf version:

  • Universal aluminum frame, for masonry and plasterboard.
  • For 105, 125 and 150 mm thick walls.
  • Possible to apply a leveled baseboard on the 125 mm version
  • Two types of panels (free of visible functional processing)
    • Standard: with the same “squared” shape as the single door panel;
    • Upon request, panels with a doorstop, with lock and lock strike overlapping on the edge;
  • Panel adjustments are always accessible even when the doors are already installed;
  • Invisible handle on the edge for pulling.
  • The product is equipped with a cushioning system for opening and closing the doors.
  • NOTE: only restriction: for clear width of the single door equal to or less than 750 mm, but with a minimum of 540 mm, the cushioning system is present only upon closing.

Pocket door

2. Glass panel version: A unique system in the world of glass sliding doors as it allows, thanks to the patented guide with binary rail and with shock absorbers, to control the movement of the leaf, a breaked opening, and closing.

Product includes:

  • Aluminum frame,
  • Glass leaf,
  • Servo-assisted system for the anchorage of the glass panel composed of:
    • Guide with bumpers
    • Carriage equipped with anchorages for glass (and the relative carters)
    • Base guide
    • Profiles for adapting the frame to glass thickness
    • Chrome metal pulling handle.

The anti-fingerprint finish is made only on the satin side of the glass. During the order phase, it is necessary to specify the previously chosen side.

  • The laminated glass is made by the coupling of two plates between which the lacquer/satin layer is generally inserted.
  • Satin glass produces a satiny texture with a "fogged" effect on the surface.
  • The transparent glass allows us to see through the leaf.
  • The glass supplied is tempered, 10 mm thick (individual) or 5 + 5 mm (laminated).

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