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Construction Board - LivingBoard Face Contiprotect | PFLEIDERER
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Construction Board - LivingBoard Face Contiprotect | PFLEIDERER

  • Use

    Walls, floors and ceilings, flat roofs, pitched roofs
  • Applications

    Timber construction, formwork construction
  • Characteristics

    Isotropic, moisture resistant, high flexural strength, low thickness swelling, high raw density, good insulation, low-resin spruce, formaldehyde-free bonded, sustainable, environmentally friendly, for high indoor air quality
  • Certification

    Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver Label, FSC quality available, PEFC quality available, QGHW Premium Quality, Blue Angel, CE conformity
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More about this product

Pfleiderer's wood-based materials offer a solution for sustainable, economical, and healthy buildings, with their main focus on creating a healthy environment. LivingBoard Face Contiprotect by Pfleiderer offers a range of wood-based panels for structural purposes in timber construction. The Contiprotect surface and hydrophobic binder make the high-tech wood panels particularly suitable for use under tough and inclement conditions.

Due to its isotropic mechanical properties and technical design, LivingBoard Face Contiprotect is able to carry high forces and loads. It is suitable for the construction of reinforced panelling in timber frames and frame construction. The chipboard is formaldehyde-free bonded. Thanks to low resin timbers, the VC emissions are also extremely low – and on request, PEFC or FSC certified versions are also available.


  • Flexural strength and reduced swelling

    Pfleiderer LivingBoard is made like standard OSB boards: Using wood chips and other natural wood by-products. The chip geometry and moisture-resistant binder, however, allow for higher flexural strength and lower thickness in swelling. With normal OSB boards, the bending strength across the direction of manufacture is significantly lower. LivingBoard, on the other hand, has an almost equally high bending strength in all directions. This means that the boards cannot be used statically incorrectly by mistake. Another product advantage compared to standard OSB: the thickness swelling is significantly lower.

  • Better insulation and lower burn rate

    LivingBoard products from Pfleiderer have a particularly high raw density - and this is homogeneous throughout the entire board. The result is better airborne sound insulation, which means decisive quality advantages in interior finishing for walls, ceilings and floors. In addition, the high, uniform density ensures a lower burn rate and thus offers more safety in case of fire.

  • Healthier and more ecological than normal coarse chipboards

    LivingBoard is the significantly more home-healthy coarse chipboard. Since it is made almost exclusively from low-resin spruce, the VOC emissions meet the strict requirements of the AgBB scheme. Conventional OSB boards, on the other hand, are usually made of resin-rich pine and therefore have higher emissions. In addition, the binder in the boards is formaldehyde-free, which means that LivingBoard products are significantly below the emission requirements according to EN 13986 (E1) and meet the standards of the "Blue Angel" eco-label. LivingBoard thus guarantees high indoor air quality.

    Pfleiderer's chipboards are also healthy for the environment. Instead of using unchipped forest wood, Pfleiderer use sawmill by-products such as chips, slabs and splinters as well as thinned wood (broken wood, beetle wood and cross-cut pieces) from PEFC™ or FSC® certified forests. This means that no additional trees have to be felled for LivingBoard boards. The sustainability of the boards is confirmed with the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver Label.


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