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Bundang Doosan Tower - Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam | Alusion
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Bundang Doosan Tower - Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam | Alusion

  • Use

    Interior and Exterior cladding, Soffits & Ceilings
  • Applications

    Walls, Showroom displays, Soffits, Restaurants and Bars, Offices and Apartment Buildings, Ceiling Tiles, Specialty glass walls or doors, sandwiched panels, Cabinetry and Furniture, Tabletops, Signs, Lighting, Fixtures and exhibits, Skylights & Daylighting
  • Characteristics

    Acoustic absorption properties, lightweight, buoyant, 100% recyclable, and contains up to 100% recycled content. A consistent product produced with a continuous casting production method

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More about this product

In 2020, architecture firm Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF) unveiled its new headquarters tower for the Doosan Group located in Seoul, South Korea. The Bundang Doosan Tower is created with stacked masses separated as two volumes and interconnected with a 328-foot tall sky bridge, resulting in 27 stories in total. Overall, the building becomes an intermediary between the adjacent Gyeongbu Expressway and the surrounding cityscape.

Panel Applications | Cymat

Bundang Doosan Tower Program

Doosan Group is a significant multinational conglomerate. Given an increasing staff and evolving workspace practices, the Bundang Doosan Tower works to accommodate the diverse needs of its occupants. Thus, the activities are organized throughout a 83,600 M2 (900,000ft²) structure, with collaborative offices and an auditorium, as well as unique amenities including a daycare center, fitness gym, public roof gardens, and a Doosan History Museum. Functions are dispersed across expansive spaces, allowing for comfortable workspaces that promote an effective work environment.

Panel Applications | Cymat

Shading and Cladding Materials - Aluminum Foam Panels

In designing the Bundang Doosan Tower, KPF collaborated with interior cladding company Cymat in creating functional yet visually striking panels for interior cladding and exterior shading elements. Cymat's Alusion stabilized aluminum foam panels are used throughout the tower for wall and ceiling cladding, and on the exterior as shading fins. As a result, the panels provide practical coverage while creating a natural aesthetic that creates a transition from the surrounding rocky landscape to a modern high-functioning skyscraper.

Interior Cladding | Cymat

Both the ALFG-25.4-LG-2S and ALFG-12.7-MD-2S stabilized aluminum foam panels are applied to the various areas, including underneath the escalator, on interior ceilings and walls, on the linear facade components, and exterior roof surfaces.

Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam Properties

  • 100% recyclable, and contains up to 100% recycled content
  • Acoustic Absorption Properties
  • Non-Combustible with a flame spread of zero
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • The strength, durability, and resilience of aluminum
  • Luminous aluminum color which can also be powder coated or painted in limitless color choices
  • Wind load resistance of up to 356 km per hour (221 miles)


  • 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 43.2mm Thick (1/2”, 1” and 1.7”), custom also available
  • Standard panel sizes 1220 mm W x 2440 mm L, 1220 mm W x 3048 mm L, 1220 mm W x 3660 mm L (4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, 4’ x 12')
  • Custom longer panels also available.

Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam panels are buoyant, flame and corrosion resistant, and non-combustible with a flame rating of A1. The surface of the lightweight aluminum panels can be left in its solid form or treated with surface preparations that create distinct textured looks.

Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam panels can be utilized for both interior and exterior applications. The panels are produced by injecting air into molten aluminum, which contains a fine dispersion of ceramic particles. These particles stabilize the bubbles formed by the air.

Project Details

Location Seoul, Korea
Architect KPF, GANSAM
Owner Doosan Group
Korean Manufacturer’s Exclusive Representative AEDS / Advanced Essential Design Solutions
Year Completed 2020
Site Area 8,941.60 m2
Building Area 5,003.14 m2
Gross Floor Area 128,550.56 m2
Project Type Office
Consultants ALT, Façade Engineer
General Contractor Doosan E&C
Facade Fabricator Iljin Unisco
Interiors Contractor Dooyang Architecture
Product Manufacturer Cymat Technologies Ltd
Products Used Alusion™ Stabilized aluminum foam panels ALFG-25.4-LG-2S / ALFG-12.7-MD-2S

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