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Door Fittings in Axiom Desert House | Karcher Design
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Door Fittings in Axiom Desert House | Karcher Design

  • Use

    Residential door fittings, door handles, door stops
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Quick and easy mounting, 3-piece-rose-system
  • Colors

    Satin Stainless steel

More about this product

This 195 m2 house is located in the desert city of Palm Springs, California, and was inspired by the other 11 houses which make up the Axiom range by the architects - Turkel Design. The core concept of these prefabricated houses is intelligent design, resource conservation, and energy efficiency.

The one-story prefabricated house lies at the foot of a mountain range. The two outer walls protect the inner space and provide the family with privacy. The large loggia space invites family, neighbors, and friends to play together. The garden site of the house opens up to a great view of nature through full-height sliding windows. Inside and outside life is interconnected through energy-efficient systems and products. The flat rooftop is interrupted by a raised central section, which lets additional light into the interior of the house and is equipped with solar panels. The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms which offer enough space for the 4-person family plus their friends and relatives.

Turkel Design decided to use Cyprus ER29 handles from KARCHER DESIGN on the 3-piece UER rose (American version) as well as on the European plan design rose. The roses differ in diameter, which is larger in the USA than the standard. The handle is a simple design and is slightly beveled at the end, matching the sloped roof of the house. The satin stainless steel surface speaks to the high quality of the handle. The 3-piece-rose technology was developed by KARCHER DESIGN. It offers support and protection through a mounting plate, a handle rose, and a threaded cover ring. In addition, sliding door handles and the door stops EZ210 and EZ211 were installed. All products from KARCHER DESIGN were used in satin stainless steel to give more expression to the simple elegance and modernity of the products.

The architects have created a house that handles every situation of family life through clever design and multifunctionality. The carefully selected high-quality products give the house a special charm. The products of KARCHER DESIGN are a perfect match to the modern furnishings of the house and make moving through the rooms an architectural experience.

Project Details:

Project name Axiom Desert House
Location Palm Springs, California, USA
Year 2019
Architect Joel and Meelena Turkel, Turkel Design
Photographer Turkel Design & Dwell and 22 Waves
Karcher products Door fittings
Products used UER29 71, EZ210 71, EZ211 71

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