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Metal Fabric Ceilings - Rainy | Kriskadecor
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Metal Fabric Ceilings - Rainy | Kriskadecor

  • Use

  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Soft finish, 40% to 60% opacity with a 90º incidence of light, no electrical conductivity, no sound absorption, non-flammable, rustproof, resistant to acids, resistant to seawater and oxidation.
  • Colors

    24-color palette in brilliant and satin finishes
  • Sizes

  • Certification

    Non-flammable. Fire ratings A1 and A1FL

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More about this product

Thanks to the lightness and versatility of the anodized aluminum links from Kriskadecor, you can create totally customized ceilings, anything from simple geometries to voluminous sculptures suspended in the air. This architectural solution makes it possible to create elegant waves, parallel structures, organic figures, or to even create the rain effect. The design choices are limitless when the rain ceiling is designed with inventive combinations of the 24 color options, satin, and brilliant finishes, and with a mix of chain densities.

Fixing System:

  • Rainy Ceiling – This structure is designed to create rain effects by supporting different densities, chain lengths, and gradients of colors. The overall shape can be customized to suit specific project applications


  • Base Fastening - Designed mainly for use in outdoor applications, this system prevents the strands from moving independently with an additional option to be floor fixed
  • Chain Linking – Chains are linked together using rings to provide greater rigidity and to prevent the chains from crossing
  • Chain Shaping - This consists of ‘trimming off’ the height of each strand of chain, creating doors, steps, or a slope at the bottom of the curtain. This shaping can follow straight or curved lines to create surprising effects.

Link Type:

  • Kriska 2mm – This is the original trademarked metal link from Kriskadecor. It is versatile and durable. Maximum static load without a break – 17kg
  • Snina 1.5mm – This link is delicate and is suitable for defined and smart chain artworks. Maximum static load without a break – 11kg

Technical Specifications:

Anodized coating Between 8.5 – 12 microns (depending on color and finish)
Material Composition Minimum 20% recycled aluminum
Finish Soft finish. No roughness perceptible in the coating when microscopically magnified up to 23 times.
Opacity 40% to 60% opacity with a 90º incidence of light, depending on the spacing between chains and on the finishing of the chains (brilliant or satin).
Fire Non-flammable. Fire ratings A1 and A1FL

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