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Ceramic Tiles - Bardem Cocktail Bar | AGROB BUCHTAL

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    Interior and exterior, facades, wall and floor coverings
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    High-gloss glaze, intense colors, long-time kiln fired, several colors used in a gradient
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More about this product

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Architect: Designstudio Fyra
Year: 2019
Products: Craft

The Bardem cocktail bar is a modern interpretation of a Speakeasy Bar set in Helsinki with interiors by local design studio Fyra using ceramic tiles from AGROB BUCHTAL. In the design, Fyra combines old and new focusing on a large, central bar in the discreetly lit, atmospherically mysterious room. The ceramic tiles came from the Craft series of AGROB BUCHTAL and skilfully complement the relaxed vibe and introduce impressive visual depth as well as a lively play of colors.

Interior Design
Dimmed light and dark colors

The Bardem Cocktail Bar - Ceramic Tiles

The mysterious Speakeasy Bar concept is enhanced by subdued, atmospheric lighting and the dark interior colors. The centerpiece of the room, the large bar, became the heart of the concept with curves coverd with light, honey colored wooden panels. These are complemented with perfectly arranged spirits, together with stylish, painting-like wall decorations.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, produced by long-time firing in a classic tunnel kiln, were used by Fyra to create a special highlight on the wall. The studio used different colors and played especially with the high-gloss glazes to bring the dimly-lit room to life. The high-gloss surface harmonizes with the soft shapes and materials used in the bar with the tiles arranged in several horizontal rows in a color gradient to create a perfect visual link between floor and ceiling. A perfect visual link between floor and ceiling was created by using a color gradient and arranging the tiles in several horizontal rows. The high-gloss surface harmonizes very well with the soft shapes and materials used in the bar.

Craft Series Tiles
Natural, archaic look

The Bardem Cocktail Bar - Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic tile series Craft of AGROB BUCHTAL used in the bar is characterised by bright and intense colors with attributes from the firing temperatures and use of open flames in production. High-gloss glazes also give an impressive visual depth and a lively play of colors. Today, ceramic tiles tend to be produced horizontally by fast firing and in roller-type kilns. Craft series, however, is produced standing upright by long-time firing in a classic tunnel kiln. There, the play of the fire creates a natural, archaic look that creates results with a unique character.

Craft is available in several different variants and colors. For this project, Fyra chose the colors mid-grey, olive-green flamed and benit-blue. The centrally inserted strip tiles with wave profile (also olive-green) give the wall a rhythmic three-dimensional structure and create different visual effects, depending on the incidence of light.

Photo credit: agrob-buchtal.de / Riikka Kantinkoski

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