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Anodized Aluminum - ClearBrite® Specialty Finishes | Lorin Industries
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Anodized Aluminum - ClearBrite® Specialty Finishes | Lorin Industries

  • Use

    Aluminum finish, anodizing
  • Applications

    Interior, exterior
  • Characteristics

    Functional, durable, customizable, consistent finish, corrosion-resistance, sustainable, abrasion-resistant

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Lorin Industries

More about this product

Anodized aluminum from Lorin isn’t just one material. Anodizing is an electrochemical process, that is able to create thousands of looks, textures, colors, and finishes that reflect creativity, advanced technology, and environmental responsibility. Anodizing creates a luminous finish that utilizes the unique character of the base metal.


Lorin | Clearbrite® Specialty Finishes ClearBrite®
A mirror-like, specular anodized finish that has a total reflectance greater than 85%.
Lorin | Clearbrite® Specialty Finishes | Short Line Brush ClearBrite® Short Line Brush
A ‘bright’ anodized aluminum finish with a short line brushed pattern that simulates the appearance of a light-colored stainless steel finish and can be used for exterior applications.

Benefits of Anodized Aluminum

  • Weight Reduction – Anodized aluminum weighs approximately 60% less than stainless steel, brass, and copper.
  • Consistency – The coil anodizing process ensures consistent color from start to finish and edge to edge
  • Corrosion Resistance – Anodized aluminum will not patina, rust, or weather, ensuring a long-lasting beautiful finish
  • Durability – The anodic layer is three times harder than the aluminum substrate and provides a natural abrasion resistance
  • Production Efficiencies – Anodized aluminum arrives clean and ready for immediate fabrication
  • Compared to Paint - The translucent oxide layer accentuates the rich metallic appearance of the aluminum and will not peel over time
  • Sustainability – Aluminum is 100% recyclable and the anodizing process does not contain any volatile organic compounds
  • Fabrication – Anodized aluminum can be roll-formed, stamped, laser engraved, laminated, perforated, welded, embossed and, silk-screened
  • Custom Colors – Anodized aluminum can be processed to any color in the visible light spectrum except white
  • Clearmatt for Roofs – Anodized aluminum has a higher solar reflective index (SRI) than white painted aluminum

About Lorin

Lorin provides anodized aluminum to realize your architectural dreams. Complete customization meets unmatched longevity to create the design you imagined with ease. Color match any hue, custom order any shape, and realize your aesthetic with durable, sustainable materials 60 percent lighter than competing metals. Deliver design and function simultaneously, beautifully.

Coil anodizing is an electrochemical process, not an applied coating. And because anodizing is as much about art as science, the end result with Lorin is nothing short of magic—nearly limitless design possibilities and coil-loads of efficiencies. The Coil Anodizing Process starts with the highest grade of anodized quality (AQ) metal. Arriving coiled, the raw aluminum is unwound and pulled through a series of tanks, each playing a vital role. It is cleaned, anodized, colored, sealed, then rewound in one continuous process. The material is then cut delivered ready-to-fabricate all in one stop.

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Lorin Industries

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Lorin Industries

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