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Folded Zinc Panels in One Henry Adams | Morin Corp.
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Folded Zinc Panels in One Henry Adams | Morin Corp.

  • Use

    Exterior cladding
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Sustainable material, 100% recyclable, pre-weathered coating
  • Format

    Vertical installation - A-12 panels with a 1” reveal
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Morin Corp.

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Morin Corporation is specialized in roll forming of architectural heavier gauge single skin metal wall and roof systems. The façade design in One Henry Adams, a Multi-Family Residence in Design District, South San Francisco features folded zinc panels that give the building character and a nod towards its historical surroundings.

Location 1 Henry Adams St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Profiles Custom 1" reveal panels, Morzip
Substrate Zinc

Not all jobs start out looking fantastic. This is one of those high profile jobs where the customer and direct contacts actually use the building - meaning it had to be a signature project. In use were some of the best materials. They chose the most durable Zinc metals to ensure longevity on the high profile wall systems, the signature natural element look of this amazing new building.

Occasionally, the combination of materials, panel selection, installation, climate and timing do not produce the aesthetics desired. This was one of those times. At Morin, the company is only satisfied when everybody is happy with the end product. All parties involved got together at the Morin Headquarters and discussed alternate panel selections and a plan. Morin created solutions using different panel profiles, keeping with the same core materials. The goal was to provide the visual consistency the client was looking for that worked in the dynamic temperature climate that this building is in.


The construction of a new structure spanning a 1.65-acre block in a historical neighborhood such as Showplace Square is no easy task. Instead of attempting to mimic a 100-year-old building, BAR Architects chose a simple design for One Henry Adams, the multi-family residential and retail structure owned by Equity Residential.

One Henry Adams features clean lines and the use of building materials that imbue the building with urban character and preserve the historical essence of the surrounding neighborhood including:

  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Brick
  • Timber
  • Glass

The $164.4M project opened to residents in November 2016. It consists of two buildings separated by a public walkway with art structures and garden spaces intended to integrate the residents with the neighborhood community.


The architects chose zinc panels to accent the building and surround the expansive glass windows for both its unique texture and thanks to its inherent sustainable qualities. Zinc panels are 100% recyclable and have a low environmental impact in production. The folded zinc panels have a 1.2mm pre-weathered patina graphite gray coating which gives the material durability in coastal climates such as San Francisco while maintaining the natural metal aesthetic. Morin’s A-12 panels with a 1” reveal were installed vertically creating sharp lines that seemingly extend into the sky.

Folded Panels

The zinc panels flow into crisp folded corners on every edge. The manufacture of folded corner panels is becoming more popular since it gives significant design advantages. Folding the panel corners tightens the panel which in turn makes the structure more rigid and minimizes any sort of pillowing or oil canning. The sharp reveals create the illusion that the building is made up of long zinc bricks that appear to float next to each other since all of the fasteners and trim is invisible on the zinc façade. In recognizing the advantages of folded edge panels, Morin now has a new roll former capable of producing such designs, the new technique multiplies the possibilities for design.

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Contact manufacturer

Morin Corp.

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

Morin Corp.

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