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Handmade Bamboo Mats | Caneplex Design
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Handmade Bamboo Mats | Caneplex Design

  • Use

    Finishes, decoration
  • Applications

    Interior floor, ceiling and wall covering
  • Characteristics

    Natural materials might present slight variations in diameter and colour, the product is handwoven and unique with slight variations per surface
  • Colors

  • Certification

    Certified by ISO 9001: 2015 by BQC

More about this product

Bamboo in interior design is commonly used to bring calm and warmth, whether to commercial or residential atmospheres. Caneplex Design bamboo mats can be used to cover not only floors but also ceilings, walls or as a decorative element. Available in 39 designs, each one of the pieces preserves the natural shades of bamboo, as well as slight surface variations that give each mat a unique feel.

Material Sourcing

Caneplex Design natural materials are a product of selective cultivation and specific harvest time, which have been physically dried, heat-treated and disinfected before and after insertion, and their colour is completely natural, resulting in hue variation. For each one of them, the quality control is carried out by local partners while being subjected to phytopathological inspection before and during import.

Bamboo Maintenance

It is advisable to use a wood preservative (fungicide) and water-soluble (preferably) wood varnish, colourless or in close tint, initially and at regular intervals of 2-3 years. That way the material is protected from fungus, the colour does not fade straight away, it is infused and preserved beyond the anticipated time.

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