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Vertical Retracting Door/Window in City Works | Libart
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Vertical Retracting Door/Window in City Works | Libart

  • Use

    Vertical retracting door & window
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Space saving operation, vertical retracting system, option for intergrated screens and shades, automated use
  • Sizes

    Span: 7 ft 10 in | Width: 10 ft 8 in (4 Identical Bays)

More about this product

City Work’s Eatery and Pour House is well known for having thoughtfully-integrated outdoor patios and cavernous dining atmospheres which are accessible all year round. In order to create an experience for the customers in both interior and exterior design the managers enclosed the main dining area from the adjoining patio space using Libart’s engineered designs.


Tristan Dacre, the principal architect for City Works of Wheeling, triggered the idea of creating an intelligent eco-system to create environment and save operational space with the design solution. The intelligent aspect comes in the form of moving architecture that in turn helps to save valuable floor space.

He was not enamoured of contemporary retractable glass systems with folding panels since they take up a lot of space during operation. Having installed Libart architectural systems for previous projects, Dacre looked to Libart once more for design solutions.


The intriguing solution was Libart GUG-D4 Retractable Glass Doors used instead of windows because they retract vertically consolodating the panels to free up the commercial space and creating panoramic views.

The Panora-View systems from Libart are most often used in the hospitality industry where the core requirement is to give customer’s a different experience. These innovative retractable glass systems provide an unobstructed view, improved ventilation, and protection for unwanted elements. Each Panora-View operating system is available with integrated automated screens and shades.

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