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Retractable Pool Enclosures - AquaSun | Libart
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Retractable Pool Enclosures - AquaSun | Libart

  • Use

  • Applications

    Pool enclosures
  • Characteristics

    UV & weather control, easy installation, easy operation, polycarbonate glazing, retractable structure, safety engineered
  • Certification

    Built to IBS (International Building Code), designed to withstand snow and wind loads as per IBS 2015, up to 200kgm2 (41psf)

More about this product

AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure is an easy to install and operate, safe structure with great UV protection from Libart. The whole structure is retractable.

  • Outdoor Residential pools can be used year-round,
  • Same is also true for community, municipal & hotel pools, year-around, or at least %50 longer than if not enclosed.
  • Extremely cost effective to alternative fixed or retractable Pool Encloses.
  • Quick installation, generally 5 to 8 days with minimal deck preparations
  • Due to retractability & transportability, in many areas it will not require special permits
  • Different options, for shapes, Polycarbonate glazing, Doors & Windows.
  • Built with Structural Aluminum (6061-T6), Baked on electrostatically powdered paint for years of problem free usage.
  • All hardware and components are stainless steel and/or non-corrosive materials
  • SecurTrak rail systems guarantee easy two side operation, guaranteed security against heavy wind

AquaSun Retractable Enclosure

The retractable pool structure enables the pool users to enjoy the waterside all year long giving a great return of investment by reducing maintenance costs that outdoor pools encur between seasons. AquaSun functions as more than a retractable pool cover, but also as a unique pool house.

  • Summer
    During sunny days, the structure is retracted helping to achieve a beautiful outdoor space under the clear sky
  • Winter
    The area is enclosed during cold spells, turning it into a cozy indoor space and reducing the maintenance costs that would normally occur in in-between seasons.

Safety Engineering

The structural integrity of the space is assured since Libart applies more than 25 years of experience in elimination of any kind of structural danger from its professionally engineered systems. AquaSun Retractable Pool House Systems let you use the pool any season of the year, therefore the systems calculation takes all kinds of possible forces into consideration such as the snow load or the wind load that could increase during winter.

The glazing options of the AquaSun systems are carried with strong aluminum profiles that increase the structural stability while making it easier to operate due to its lightweight nature. A single person can easily push and pull the retractable enclosure without trouble. Moreover, thanks to Libart's material selection and flexible features it does not require a municipal permission in most of the countries or any bureaucratic procedure before installation.


Commercial or residential, AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure system does not create any frustration due to long construction periods which also means the disruption of the season and closing the pool for use.

AquaSun Retractable Enclosure

Environmental Protection

AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosures does not just protect your pool from unwanted outdoor parameters by simply covering it; it also helps achieve a beautiful waterside area where the user can place lounge chairs, tables maybe even a bar, with peace at mind knowing that none of them would be harmed by environmental challenges. It is also designed to have the optimal technical features such as shading value, UV filtering and protection from heat.


AquaSun Retractable Enclosure

BF Max. Width: 9m (13')
3 Frame System
EF Max. Width: 11m (39')
4 Frame System
E7 Max. Width: 12,5m (45')
4 Frame System
DF Max. Width: 12,5m (45')
6 Frame System
D7 Max. Width: 16m (59')
6 Frame System
V7 Max. Width: 16,5m (65')
8 Frame System

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